Supporting the wider community

Welcome to the UK Healthy Universities Network

A Healthy University aspires to create a learning environment and organisational culture that enhances health, wellbeing and sustainability.

The UK Healthy Universities Network supports its members to develop and implement ‘whole university’ approaches to health, wellbeing and sustainability. It is part of a global movement calling upon higher education institutions to:

  • incorporate health and sustainability into their mission, vision and strategic plans
  • lead and drive change in society by modelling, testing and transferring innovative approaches.

Join the Network

Network membership is currently free of charge.

Membership is open to universities and other higher education institutions within the UK. Associate membership is open to higher education institutions from outside the UK and other interested stakeholders from outside of the higher education sector.

Future Meetings

UK Healthy Universities Network Meeting

**Date and thematic focus to be announced**

Healthy Universities Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to support HEIs that wish to adopt and/or embed a whole system Healthy University approach. It comprises ‘getting started presentations’, guidance packages, case studies, a self review tool, and information on useful publications and resources.

Health Promoting Universities and Colleges transform the health and sustainability of our current and future societies, strengthen communities and contribute to the wellbeing of people, places and the planet…They infuse health into everyday operations, business practices and academic mandates. By doing so, they enhance the success of our institutions; create campus cultures of compassion, wellbeing, equity and social justice; improve the health of the people who live, learn, work, play and love on our campuses; and strengthen the ecological, social and economic sustainability of our communities and wider society.

Okanagan Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges, 2015

Structure & Governance

The Network comprises full and associate members, is chaired by Professor Mark Dooris and Professor Sue Powell, and overseen by a high-level Steering Group.

International Activity

In June 2015, the International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges took place in Canada, attended by 375 participants from over 30 different countries. A key output from this conference was the Okanagan International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges.

Research & Development

Research and evaluation is an important part of the Healthy Universities process. It can generate evidence of effectiveness and contribute to learning and improvement.