Future shaping


Who is eligible to join the UK Healthy Universities Network?

  • Network membership is currently free of charge. Visit Network Membership or contact us for details of how to join.
  • Full membership of the UK Healthy Universities Network is open to universities and other HEIs within the UK. Appreciating the importance of engaging people from across large, diverse and complex organisations, we welcome multiple stakeholders to engage with the Network. However, we also urge member HEIs to agree and nominate a ‘lead’ member for the purposes of liaison and communication.
  • Associate membership of the UK Healthy Universities Network is open to:
    • Universities and other HEIs from outside the UK
    • Other interested stakeholders from local authorities, NHS trusts, voluntary and community organisations and relevant national agencies.

How can my institution become a Healthy University?

  • Universities interested in taking forward Healthy Universities, through adopting a whole system approach to health and wellbeing within their institution, are encouraged to join the UK Healthy Universities Network (see Network Membership for details) and use our website and online toolkit for support and guidance.

How often does the UK Healthy Universities Network meet?

  • The Network currently holds face-to-face meetings twice a year – comprising a Network update, opportunities for networking/peer support and a themed learning session. Meetings are hosted by Network members on a voluntary basis – and we try to ensure a good geographical spread.
  • Visit Network Meetings for details of future meetings and papers, notes/reports and other outputs from previous meetings.

What if I am unable to attend Network meetings?

  • Attendance via telephone or video conferencing is not usually possible due to the interactive format of the meetings.
  • If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like to ask other members a question or share information please contact us and we will circulate your request to the membership list.
  • Additionally, you are welcome to submit news items for upload to the website – and news, updates and articles for our twice-yearly e-newsletter – please contact us.

May I use the Healthy Universities logo on campaign or marketing materials?

  • The UK Healthy Universities Network logo is not generally available for use by Full or Associate Network members at this stage.
  • If you would like to use the logo on your website as a link to healthyuniversities.ac.uk please contact us.

How can Healthy Universities address inclusion and health inequalities?

  • Universities’ current focus on widening participation is clearly connected with a commitment to equality and diversity.
  • The systems perspective intrinsic to the Healthy Universities model suggests that HEIs can play an important role in influencing the determinants of health through corporate social and environmental responsibility and ‘future shaping’ – helping to clarify and influence the values and priorities of students and staff play and their future roles in families, communities, workplaces and policy-making.