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About Healthy Universities

The Healthy Universities model is one application of the healthy settings approach, which has been developed and tested in other contexts. Universities offer enormous potential for enhancing the wellbeing of students, staff, visitors and the wider community.

What is a Healthy University?

A Healthy University adopts a holistic understanding of health; takes a whole university approach; and aspires to create a learning environment and organisational culture that enhances the health, wellbeing and sustainability of its community and enables people to achieve their full potential.

Key Concepts – Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability

Healthy Universities adopts a broad and holistic understanding of health, embracing a wellbeing focus and appreciating its close connections to linked agendas such as sustainability.

Background & Theory

Healthy Universities is one example of the healthy settings approach, which takes a whole system perspective and aims to make the places within which people learn, live, work and play supportive to health and wellbeing.

Context & Rationale

Universities are large complex settings within which people learn, work and live their lives. We know that healthy learners and healthy staff will increase levels of achievement, performance, productivity and reputation – helping universities conduct their core business more effectively.

Model & Framework for Action

A model and framework for action have been developed to help guide Healthy Universities practice.

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