Transformation and cultural change

Model & Framework for Action

The model below illustrates how underpinning values such as partnership, participation and equity come together with public health and higher education drivers to inform action across the three focus areas that are reflected in the aims set out above:

Healthy Universities – A Model for Conceptualising and Applying a Whole University Approach

Source: Healthy Universities: Concept, Model and Framework for Applying the Healthy Settings Approach within Higher Education in England

Informed by wider research on healthy settings, the Healthy Universities approach is understood to incorporate six key elements:

  • Generating High Visibility Innovative Action: through high profile projects exploring the interconnections between different stakeholder groups and their environments and behaviours.
  • Leading Organisational and Cultural Change: by embedding the principles and aims of the Healthy University into the organisational ethos, culture and policy and planning processes.
  • Securing Senior Level Commitment and Corporate Responsibility: through the leadership and advocacy of senior decision-makers for health, wellbeing and sustainable development.
  • Enabling Wide-Ranging Participation: by encouraging and facilitating the active involvement of students and staff in identifying and prioritising needs and planning and delivering action.
  • Anticipating and Responding to Public Health Challenges: by ensuring the university is at the forefront of action to address key challenges pertaining to its population.
  • Helping to Deliver the Institutional Agenda: by mapping public health challenges against the university’s core business agenda and demonstrating clearly its role in helping to deliver this.

Universities may also find it helpful to consider using a planning and implementation framework to help ensure a proactive and systematic process. The steps in the cyclical diagram below are expanded on in the Getting Started template presentation.

Healthy Universities – A Cyclical Planning and Implementation Model


Source: Adapted from Doherty, S. & Dooris, M. The healthy settings approach: the growing interest

within colleges and universities. Education and Health 2006: 24; 42-43.