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Topics & Themes: Alcohol - Healthy Universities
Supporting the wider community

Topics & Themes: Alcohol

This section of the website is being developed over time to provide links relevant to specific health-related themes and topics.


Alcohol – English Organisations

Addaction and Young Addaction (under 21ys)

Work with individuals and families affected by alcohol and drug problems. Check their website to check if they have services near you.

Alcohol Concern

Information and tools to help work out what you are drinking and the likely impact, myth busting, fact sheets, support with informed decision making.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Find local meetings taking place near to where you live, National Helpline 0845 769 7555

Breaking free online

Breaking free online is a confidential online programme to help support people with drug and alcohol issues.

Down Your Drink

This website helps you make decision on your drinking by offering easy to follow information and resources.

Drink Aware

Alcohol information. e.g. understanding your drinking, making a change, unit calculator.

Drink Aware Resources


Resources and training.

NHS Choices

Search any topic related to alcohol or drugs for information.

NUS Alcohol Impact

General information on the Alcohol Impact scheme.

NUS Alcohol Impact Report

NUS reports from their pilot year and their students and alcohol paper exploring student attitudes towards alcohol consumption in higher education.

NUS Dry January

NUS – 5 reasons to do dry January.

NUS Guidance for students’ unions on commercial bar crawls

A guide intended to help students’ unions in developing a strategy to tackle the problems associated with commercial bar crawls.

NUS Responsible drinking tips

NUS responsible drinking tips.

Talk to Frank

Alcohol and drug information., the law, services, Information if you’re worried about a friend, call 0300 123 6600, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. Live chat online 2-6pm all week. SMS 82111 text a question. Email Frank from their website.

Alcohol – Scottish Organisations

Addaction Scotland

Largest provider of drug and alcohol support services in Scotland working with people with addiction issues, their families, friends and communities.

Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alcohol Focus Scotland is the national charity working to reduce alcohol harm.

NHS 24

NHS 24 – Scotland’s national Telehealth and Telecare organisation.

NHS Health Scotland’s Alcohol Programme

NHS Health Scotland’s Alcohol Programme supports the implementation and delivery of the Scottish Government’s strategic approach to tackling alcohol misuse.

Alcohol – Welsh Organisations

Alcohol Concern Cymru

Small independent charity that is committed to reducing harm from alcohol-related problems. Working to help people understand the dangers of drinking too much and to fight for varied and effective treatment services for the people who need it.

Alcohol in Higher Education Toolkit, Welsh Government, Drink Aware & NUS

This handbook is for University staff and Student Unions and aims to assist you in identifying and addressing alcohol issues at your institution.

All Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline

The helpline will assist individuals, their families, carers, and support workers within the drug and alcohol field to access appropriate local and regional services.

NHS Wales

Health in Wales – alcohol link.

Alcohol – International Organisations


RehabCenter.net is an organization dedicated to connecting people seeking addiction treatment to the resources they need to succeed.

Ocean Breeze Recovery

Our Mission is: To heal the broken mind, body, and spirit – one person at a time – providing stability, support and solution based thinking.

Alcohol – Apps


Paid-for app that helps you track, regulate and cut down on you alcohol intake.


Free iPhone and iPad app helps you cut down on your drinking and helps you to understand your drinking behaviour better.