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Network Structure & Governance - Healthy Universities
Transformation and cultural change

Network Structure & Governance


Advisory Group

Terms of Reference:

  1. To position the UK Healthy Universities Network within current and future policy contexts, liaising as necessary with appropriate organisations.
  2. To advise on the development of the UK Healthy Universities Network, with a view to ensuring its future resilience.
  3. To advocate for whole university and whole system approaches to health, wellbeing and sustainability – drawing on the Okanagan International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges.

Mark Dooris, February 2019

Advisory Group Membership

Sarah AndrewsPublic Health Wales
Michael CrossScottish Funding Council
Chris DeacyCardiff Metropolitan University
Paul DodsleyNottingham Trent University
Mark DoorisUCLan [and Network Co-Chair]
Jane JohnsHigher Education Funding Council for Wales
Hilary JohnstonPublic Health Agency, Northern Ireland
Linda McSwigganUniversity of Dundee
Kate McCallisterOffice for Students
Judy OrmeUniversity of the West of England
Doug ParkinAdvance HE
Sue PowellManchester Metropolitan University [and Network Co-Chair]
Fleur Priest-StephensNational Union of Students (NUS)
John de PuryUniversities UK
Claire Robson [Eustace de Sousa]Public Health England
Rory MitchelNHS Health Scotland
Hazel WrightTeesside University