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Latest news from the UK Healthy Universities Network

How to Respond to a Student Suicide: UICIDE Safer Guidance on Postvention

13th December 2022

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Evaluation of the OfS Mental Health Challenge Competition

18th October 2022

An independent evaluation report of the funding programme “the Mental Health Challenge Competition”. 

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Suicide-Safer Universities: Sharing Information with Trusted Contacts

11th October 2022

A guide for universities on when and how to involve families, carers or trusted contacts when there are serious concerns…

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Campus Spaces and Places: Impact on Student Outcomes

16th February 2022

A report from the AUDE examining the international evidence concerning the impact of campus spaces and places on student outcomes.…

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From Harm to Hope: A 10-Year Drugs Plan

14th December 2021

A new Government UK Strategy, which includes a focus on behaviour change in higher education (see p49). Read more

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Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Higher Education

15th November 2021

This report presents findings of a national study examining working like in UK HEIs. Read more

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University Mental Health Day – 4th May

2nd March 2021

University Mental Health Day brings together the university community to make mental health a university-wide priority and create ongoing year…

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Journal Paper: Health Promoting Universities – Ibero-American Experience

5th February 2021

This study aimed to identify the factors influencing the implementation of HPU initiatives in Ibero-American universities.

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Journal Paper: Impact of COVID-19 on UK Student Wellbeing

This paper reports on a conceptual analysis of ‘student wellbeing’ and considers the impact of the ‘new normal’ on student…

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National Education and Training Survey – have your say

3rd November 2020

The HEE National Education and Training Survey (NETS) 2020 runs throughout November (3rd-30th), with a new strapline – Let’s talk.…

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Student Space

1st September 2020

Student Minds has launched Student Space to support students through the coronavirus pandemic. It will help students: Access to dedicated…

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Webinar – 14 July 2020, 15:30-17:30. Turning words into actions: Eliminating racism and racial inequality in higher education

29th June 2020

Universities UK is hosting a webinar exploring how universities can harness the momentum behind the Black Lives Matter movement as…

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Stepchange: Mentally Healthy Universities

18th May 2020

UUK has published a refreshed version of its strategic framework, Stepchange: Mentally Healthy Universities, calling on universities to prioritise the…

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The whole and inclusive university: a critical review of health promoting universities from Aotearoa New Zealand

14th January 2020

Paper in Health Promotion International by Heather Came and Keith Tudor.

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Student Minds Launches University Mental Health Charter

10th December 2019

Structured under four domains – Learn, Support, Work and Live – the Charter calls for a whole university approach.

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Student Eats Conference, 5th November, Sheffield

30th October 2019

NUS/Studnets Organising for Sustainability conference.

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Looking after your self-ie: a guide to finding your balance on and offline

The new e-learning resource aims to help all social media users build a meaningful, more balanced relationship with platforms –…

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EAUC Leadership Lab 2020

29th October 2019

Aimed at leaders, future leaders and change agents to support the sustainable development of their own institution in a way…

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EAUC Emerging Leaders Programme

Aimed at sustainability professionals and the wider public sector and corporates with mandates to lead on organisation-wide behaviour change.

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Conceptualizing the ‘whole university’ approach: an international qualitative study

25th September 2019

Focusing on the conceptualization of a whole university approach, this Health Promotion International journal paper by Mark Dooris, Sue Powell…

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Impact of Accommodation Environments on Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

This report of a Round Table hosted by Galliford Try and Scott Brownrigg considers the impact of accommodation environments on…

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Student Wellbeing in Purpose Built Student Accommodation Guide

This booklet, published by the British Property Federation, is the product of the hard work and dedication of individuals and…

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Health & Inactivity 2020: Prevention is Better than Cure – 30 April, London

This must attend conference will clearly articulate current evidence and provide insights on research around these many conditions and how…

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Safeguarding Students: Addressing Mental Health Needs – 26 November, Manchester

Open Forum will be holding a follow-up event to our Improving Student Mental Health Outcomes conference, with a focus on…

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Scroll Free September: RSPH campaign to help people build a balanced and healthy relationship with social media

3rd September 2019

Scroll Free September provides an opportunity for users to take a break from social media and online gambling platforms, to…

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Journal Paper: Whole system approaches to health in higher education: An evaluation of the UK Healthy Universities Network

11th July 2019

A Health Education journal paper by Mark Dooris, Alan Farrier, Sue Powell and Maxine Holt, reporting on an evaluation of…

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Pressure Vessels: The Epidemic of Poor Mental Health among Higher Education Staff

29th May 2019

This reports on a research study for the Higher Education Policy Institute authored by Liz Morrish.  

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Staff Wellbeing in Higher Education

This reports on a research study for Education Support Partnership authored by Tim O’Brien and Dennis Guiney.  

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Journal Paper: Healthy Universities. The development and implementation of a holistic health promotion intervention programme especially adapted for staff working in the higher educational sector: the ARK study

14th March 2019

A paper on the ARK Study by Siw Tone Innstrand and Marit Christensen

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Journal Paper: The Promotion of Healthy Universities – A Systematic Review

22nd November 2018

A systematic review paper in CPQ Women and Child Health by Reis et al (2018)

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Journal Paper: Changes in student physical health behaviour: an opportunity to turn the concept of a Healthy University into a reality

13th September 2018

Perspectives in Public Health paper by Haas et al (2018)

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Journal Paper: Higher education as a space for promoting the psychosocial wellbeing of refugee students

Health Education Journal paper by Jack et al (2018)  

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International Health Promoting Campuses Symposium, 7th April 2019, Rotorua, New Zealand

Further information: Dr Anna Thorpe To coincide with the 23rd World Conference on Health Promotion, which takes place from…

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Graduate Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

10th October 2017

New report from Student Minds.

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Not by Degrees: Improving student mental health in the UK’s universities

A report of research undertaken by the Institute for Public Policy Research.  

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Step Change Framework

This is aimed at supporting university leaders to help embed good mental health for students and staff across all university…

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HEPI Occasional Paper (18) The Positive and Mindful University

This proposes a number of ways to tackle the growing problem of mental health issues among students and also staff.

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Perceived determinants to alcohol consumption and misuse: a survey of university students

31st May 2017

New paper on determinants of students and alcohol: Muli & Lagan, Perspectives in Public Health

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30th May 2017

RSPH/Young Health Movement report on effects of social media on young people’s health

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Association for Young People’s Health: Overview of research on key issues in student health

9th May 2017

An overview of research on key issues in student health by Ann Hagell, Research Lead, Association for Young People’s Health…

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Journal Paper: Are campus food environments healthy?

6th April 2017

A novel perspective for qualitatively evaluating the nutritional quality of food sold at foodservice facilities at a Brazilian university

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Symposium: Tackling Rape, Sexual Assault and Harassment at Universities and Colleges – 11 January 2017

5th April 2017

A survey conducted by the National Union of Students (NUS) in September 2014 revealed that from a total of 2,156…

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Conference: The Whole Student: Intersectionality and Well-Being – 24th May 2017

30th November 2016

Deadline for abstracts 30 November 2016. The purpose of this conference is to bring together educators of all types (faculty,…

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Journal Paper: Using Student Health Data to Understand and Promote Academic Success in Higher Education Settings

29th November 2016

Article in College Student Journal 50(Number 4):590-602 – November 2016

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How can universities respond to climate change?

14th September 2016

Friends of the Earth have published their latest report on how universities can respond to climate change. This briefing summarises…

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Journal Paper – Healthy Universities – A guiding framework (Holt & Powell)

25th July 2016

Healthy Universities: a guiding framework for universities to examine the distinctive health needs of its own student population; Maxine Holt…

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Journal Article: University students’ drinking as a social practice and the challenge for public health

31st May 2016

Recently published journal paper in Critical Public Health by Sian Supski, Jo Lindsay and Claire Tanner

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Journal Paper: Implementing the Health Promoting University approach in culturally different contexts: a systematic review (Suarez-Reyes and Van den Brouke)

25th May 2016

Universities represent a valuable opportunity to promote health and well-being. Based on the setting approach, the Health Promoting Universities concept…

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Journal Paper: Healthy universities: an example of a whole-system health-promoting setting (Newton, Dooris, Wills)

The health-promoting settings approach is well established in health promotion, with organisational settings being understood as complex systems able to…

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Mental Health: Moving Forwards – The 5 Year Plan

11th March 2016

The Mental Health: Moving Forward conference aims to bring together delegates from across the country to learn about the newly…

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The Guardian: Student Mental Health – New Model

9th March 2016

Going to university is never easy. It’s one of the greatest leaps of faith anyone ever makes, and it comes…

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Journal Article: Sheffield Hallam Staff Wellness Service

1st March 2016

Sheffield Hallam Staff Wellness service: Four-year follow-up of the impact on health indicators

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Journal Article: Medical Students’ Mental Health

24th February 2016

Research article on mental health among currently enrolled medical students in Germany.

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