Whole university approach

Guidance Packages

The Toolkit includes a set of seven Guidance Packages designed to support institutions at all stages in their journeys. They were produced in 2011-2012 as part of the HEFCE-funded project and may not be fully up-to-date – but should still offer useful insights and guidance on a range of themes. Each explores a different theme – for example ‘Leading and Implementing a Whole University Approach’ – using key headings to frame the discussion. They also include references, links and a resource page. Each package is also downloadable as a PDF version. 

Leading & Developing the Whole System Healthy Universities Approach

Offers models to support whole system approach; background info’; evidence summary; checklists to help you get started and move forward.

Connecting & Developing Synergy between Health & Sustainable Development Agendas

Offers background info’ and evidence; models for integrated action for health and sustainable development; examples of practical action.

Integrating a Commitment to Health and Wellbeing within a University’s Policy & Planning Process

Offers an outline of policy processes within universities; examples of good practice; information about health impact assessment.

Developing an Holistic & Joined-Up Approach to Mental Wellbeing

Offers background info’; links to existing mental wellbeing guidance; advice on policy/procedures, consultation and partnerships.

Communicating Health as Part of a Whole System Healthy Universities Approach

Offers a planning framework for developing campaigns, events and activities; advice on developing partnerships and collaboration.

Leading & Implementing a Healthy Universities Approach to Enhance Student Experience & Performance

Offers a whole university approach to enhancing student experience and performance by addressing health-related issues; case studies.

Leading & Implementing a Healthy Universities Approach to Enhance Staff Experience & Performance

Offers description of engaging with the healthy university initiative and key developments in reviewing staff experience and performance.