Transformation and cultural change

Working with Academic Schools – Curriculum Design for Student Involvement in Health Promotion

15th September 2010

When writing a new degree programme with the Sport cluster of the School of Science, the Student Health Promotion strategy was built into the course at all 3 levels. The students on the course gained practical experience relevant to working in the field of health and health promotion, increased knowledge about health (and specifically student health) and gained the opportunity to act as a steering group for the health promotion strategy and participate in its development. The activities were lectures and interactive sessions and the establishment of the ‘Student Health Promotion Forum’. All aspects of the health promotion elements of the course were evaluated and students were actively involved in the development of the course. Students contributed ideas, presentations, posters and campaigns – some of which formed part of their assessment. This work is an example of the development of peer education, student participation and curriculum design at Nottingham Trent University (NTU).